A Solidarity Coop

To be member of the coop, what does it mean?

A cooperative is a social enterprise managed collectively in the most horizontal way possible. Each member  holds a part in the company and can participate in its democratic life, including the general assemblies where the main orientations are decided.

A solidarity coop includes at least 2 types of members, 3 in our case: the working members, the user members and the support members. Each category is represented at the Board of directors.

To be user member: If you think you’ll be coming at La Place Commune often or even once in awhile, in addition of being part the cooperative and to be able to participate to its democratic life, this will give you  discounts and some advantages like access to the bulk order. The social part of the user member is 15$ and the annual cotisation fee is 10$. The user members are also invited and encouraged to become participant member (like all volunteers that are already part of La Place Commune!).

To be working member: The working members work for the cooperative, they have more responsibilities. Their social part is 500$.

To be support member: The support members have a social or economical interest for the cooperative. They can be organisations or individuals who do no come often. Their social part is 100$.


To become a user or support member, come and see us! We are not looking for working members for now.