Our projects


The vegetarian café-restaurant offers  healthy and affordable food. In a friendly environment in the heart of the neighborhood, we aim to value local, ecological, non processed food free of conservation agents.

-Solidarity grocery

The solidarity grocery, in continuity with the café-restaurant, aims to priviledge the accessibility of natural, local, ethical and affordable products in Parc Extension. The direct links with productors and local artisans is our priority. The grocery store will happen progressively.


Besides, we aim to coordinate collective bulk orders for the members of the cooperative, always with the goal to make healthy food affordable.

-Food Production

In the summer, we aim to cultivate organic food for the grocery store and the café-restaurant. Our team includes one farmer who produced us vegetables last summer at St-Basil -Le-Grand. Sprouts and other vegetables have also grown inside and on our terrace.

-Popular Education

La Place Commune is a place to exchange, share and create. We put a lot of value on our local knowledge and talents.

We organise different workshops and event to encourage knowledge transfer and the appropriation of know-hows (to do, to act, to be).

The cooperative is part of the Art Hives network in Montreal. We believe in the power of artistic expression for the well-being and individual and collective development as well as being a tool for social transformation.