“In Parc-Extension, generations of men and women of various origins have built their Montreal history on a daily basis.
Since 1910, at the end of avenue du Parc (situation which gave the district its name!), This small territory of 1.6 km2 has attracted thousands of families of modest means fleeing the crowding and pollution of the center- city ​​or the difficulties of their country of origin.

Living together in harmony, growing up healthy and happily, working to secure your present and build your future are all challenges that the Parc-Extension district presents to those who settle there. Hundreds of businesses, associations, places of worship and institutions have emerged to meet their needs and enhance their identity. Yet, over the course of the century, very few have left tangible memories of their presence. Every 10 or 20 years, a new population settles, a new layer of history covers the previous one “

Source: City of Montréal, exhibition 100 ans d’histoires. Raconte-moi Parc-Extension

In recent years, the Parc-Extension district has undergone a major transformation, accelerated by the installation of the new MIL campus of the University of Montreal. The neighborhood welcomes new neighbors, young families, workers and students, who mingle with the great diversity of the neighborhood.

In this context, it is important to be aware of the history of the neighborhood and the role that these new residents and we, the shopkeepers, can play in the gentrification of the neighborhood. It is this diversity of cultures, languages, religions, generations, and the understanding between all the communities that make up the wealth of this neighborhood and that we must preserve.

The involvement of organizations in our neighborhood is therefore more important than ever, and in this regard, our community involvement is essential and must remain our priority. This is why we try to keep prices as affordable as possible, and that we are implementing more and more actions that aim to help our community (community fridge, donations to food banks, popular education workshops, workshops creative and cultural events).

Les multiples visages de Parc-Extension

Clip présenté dans l’exposition 100 ans d’histoires. Raconte-moi Parc-Extension, une exposition du Centre d’histoire de Montréal, réalisée en collaboration avec l’arrondissement de Villeray–St-Michel–Parc-Extension et la Corporation de développement économique et communautaire Centre-Nord. Réalisation : Antonio Pierre de Almeida, Centre d’histoire de Montréal

To find out more about the major historical events of the neighborhood please read the Parc-extension historical society documentation: