What is a cooperative ?

A cooperative is a social enterprise managed collectively and as horizontally as possible. As mentioned by the International Cooperative Alliance, the specificity of cooperatives relies in their democratic control. In fact, each member of the coop has a share in the business and can participate in its democratic life, especially in general meetings where the main directions are decided.

A solidarity cooperative includes at least 2 types of members, 3 in our case: worker members, user members and support members.

Members coop

Become a member of the Coop La Place Commune :

If you wish to support the project you can become a member of the Coop! This allows you to financially support the project and take part in the decisions that are voted democratically during General Assemblies.

How much does it cost ? $ 15 share (the first year) + $ 10 annual contribution
Discount: you get 15% off the menu of the café-restaurant and on the organic grocery!

Ask for your membership card at the counter 🙂

Coop governance

The Directorate is in charge of the general coordination and operations of the Coop.

The Board of Directors ensures proper functioning and guides the management committee in strategic decisions. All categories of members are represented on the Board.