Get involved!

La Place Commune is a collective project where all members can get involved, and it couldn’t work without!

Different committees are put together with the participant members:

-Committee Bulk Order: organize the bulk orders.

-Committee Art Hive and popular education: make alive creativity and exchanges of knowledge in La Place.

-Committee Kitchen: a lot of participant members enable right now the coop to happen! If you are interested to participate behind the counter, every one is welcome.


And the involvement of members do not stop here:

A project of vermicompost is hold by our CompostMan, this website that you are reading right now is the efforts of different participants, the renovation has been done thanks to the help of numerous arms and we still receive the precious help for little and big work, a fiesta committee organized a fundraising event and is waiting to be reactivated, and not to forget the incredibles support in accounting…

As you see, the possibilities to get involve and keep building and make this place alive are many!

And soon, we hope for a comité Gardening to make our vegetables grow :)

Don’t hesitate to contact us with all your desires and ideas!!